Final application dates


4 times per year

Travel grants for junior researchers (Yngre Forskare). Registration no later than

  • 28th of February, for travel in the period 20/3-31/5
  • 24th of April, for travel in the period 20/5-30/9
  • 28th of August, for travel in the period 20/9-31/3
  • 30th of October, for travel in the period 20/11-31/3, 2014

Twice per year

  • Nilsson-Ehle resor. Registration no later than 15th of March and 25th of September

Once per year

  • The Per-Eric and Ulla Schyberg Foundation. Registration no later than 28th of March
  • Horisont ("Horizon"). Registration no later than 15th of September

Once per year. Registration no later than 25th of September

  • The Nils Olof Berggren Foundation
  • The Donations for Natural Science, Medicine and Technology (NMT)
  • The Hedda and John Forssman Foundation
  • The Walter Gyllenberg Foundation
  • The Erik Holmberg Donation
  • The Jan Löfqvist Donation
  • The Nilsson-Ehle Donations
  • Grant for associate senior lecturers (BUL)

Every third year

  • The Stig Borglin Endowment for study visits (2025)
  • The Torsten and Fanny Brodén Foundation (2024)
  • The Edla and Eric Smedberg Research Donation (2025)
  • The Teodor Nerander Donation (2025)

Every fifth year

  • The Karin and Hjalmar Tornblad Foundation (2027 etc.)

Reserved solely for members of the Society

  • The Henry and Gerda Dunker Donation, three times per year. Registration o later than 28 of March
    25th of September, 28th of November.
  • The Fund for Invited Lecturers (Gästföreläsarfonden). Registration during the whole year.