Personal Information

The Royal Physiographic Society of Lund holds a register of Fellows that contains information about the Fellow’s name, date of birth and home address. These details, which are supplied by each Fellow when they are elected to the Society, are used for sending out information about coming events, for sending the Yearbook and for sending the Society’s congratulations for birthdays. 

Applications for research stipends that are completed by an applicant on the Society’s homepage always require a curriculum vitae (CV) and résumé, in addition to a research plan. The committees that assess applications from the Society’s various endowments have access to these applications and to all the information they contain that is relevant for assessment.

Every applicant receives a response from the Society concerning the success or otherwise of their application. Application documents are retained by the Society for a period of three years, after which they are destroyed.

The names, addresses and personal numbers of successful applicants are added to a register that also contains information about the endowment from which the applicant has received funds and a note on whether or not a final report has been received from the applicant upon completion of their project.

Information from the Register of Fellows, or the register containing information about successful applicants, is not used for any other purpose, including commercial purposes. The Yearbook, which includes the Register of Fellows, is an official publication that is available to anyone. The Society holds no other personal register of any kind. 

Lund, August 2010
Per AlmPermanent Secretary